Predictive Analytics as a Service

Enterprise Sentinel is a predictive analytics engine that leverages big data technology to "stitch together" all your data into beautiful action-oriented dashboards. Sentinel not only helps you perform daily tasks, but can predict and prevent issues from occurring in the future.

Sentinel for Transportation Agencies

Enterprise Sentinel is a great fit for transportation's difficult requirements: Massive transaction volumes, disparate data from many sources, siloed reporting and lack of visibility to future events ...

Take Sentinel Anywhere

Sentinel was architected to be fully functional on mobile devices allowing you to untether without losing visibility or control.

Avaya's Ongoing Success Story

See how this leader in network communications has benefited from deploying Enterprise Sentinel throughout its organization.



ENTERPRISE SENTINEL: Always On, Always Vigilant

See things before they occur | Act in Real-Time | Solve issues proactively

Predictive Power

Sentinel comes with an extensive Predictive Analytics Library: Business rules and algorithms that fit your situation and provide answers to complex and difficult questions.

Job-Role Based

See your data in beautiful visually-oriented dashboards. They come pre-built to be job specific and immediately valuable to support your role, whether operational or management focused.

Modular – Start Small

Enterprise Sentinel solves business problems. Begin with only a few use-cases to see rapid value with minimal investment.

Action Oriented

Most analytics solutions tell you what happened so you can react after-the-fact. Sentinel provides integrated “Actions” so operators and management can proactively make a difference.

Mobile Enabled

Enterprise Sentinel was architected to be fully functional on an array of mobile devices. That way, operators can manage their job — on the job or anywhere, untethered but connected.

Scalable – Get Huge

By leveraging Big Data technology, Enterprise Sentinel can accommodate billions of transactions out of the box, and can be scaled to your needs, whether deployed on-prem or in the cloud.

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See how Sentinel is changing the game in Predictive Analytics

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A concise summary of Enterprise Sentinel’s architecture, technology and benefits

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Download the Avaya Case Study

Read how this dynamic customer has reaped measurable benefits from Enterprise Sentinel

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Your Data, as presented by ENTERPRISE SENTINEL

See the past, present and future – All in one Dashboard – and across the following dimensions …


A scrolling real-time view of what’s happening now in your environment, as it happens — not afterward, and not just a single snapshot in time.


Sentinel tells you what should be happening across your operations, and alerts you to anything out of tolerance so you can react on the fly if needed.


Viewing the status of your operations is not enough. Sentinel can provide the why behind the results so you can truly understand root causes.


Knowing what will likely occur in the future is a precious commodity. With advanced high performance analytics and big data computing power, you can get a glimpse into the future.

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